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We will make your bamboo masterpieces.

We create bespoke designed units, countertops, veneers, furniture - pretty much anything you can imagine!

We have had a love affair with bamboo for over 10 years now. Every day we spend hours thinking up new ways in which we can turn our boards into amazing one of a kind pieces

We are absolutely passionate about bamboo and what we do. After many years of studying this grass, building on all of our learnings and perfecting our craft, we believe we can create just about anything you can imagine and turn it into something truly beautiful and stylish.

Our aim is to create functional, chic bamboo pieces.

All of our work is handcrafted by our 'A' team of master-craftsmen, so go ahead put your idea forward and challenge us!  

Create my masterpiece!

Truly unique, handcrafted designs that last the test of time. 

Our 'A' team is up for the challenge!

We have been creating bespoke kitchens, bathrooms,  commercial spaces and furniture (to name a few) for our clients for as long as we have been around. Each space is completely unique and all crafted from our own hands.

The sky really is the limit with this wonder grass! To spark your imagination here are few examples of what we can create; beautiful one of a kind solid countertops and veneers, desks, vanities for your bathrooms, cabinets or shelving, beds, units, trophies, surfboards, kayaks, baby furniture, chopping boards, cladding, tables and chairs - we could go on but we'll stop here!

Our bamboo boards are available in 0.6mm, 2.2mm, 5mm, 20mm, 30mm and 40mm depths.These beautiful boards come in a number of finishing options and styles.

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