Our bamboo flooring is pre-finished with a 7-stage water-based German-manufactured acrylic topcoat.

The Treffert GmbH organization is a world renowned producer of quality industrial wood finishes and certifies that their UV Duro-Sealer and UV Anti-Scratch Top Coat are environmentally safe and free of any harmful chemical compounds.

The Treffert Industrial Wood Coatings utilized fulfill the following characteristics:

  • Comply and exceed the EN71 Quality Standard.
  • There is no migration of hazardous elements.
  • There is no harm from direct skin or oral contact with coated surfaces.
  • According to the EN71, the products are suitable for all types of interior decoration.
  • The coatings are based on waterborne polyurethane dispersions or acrylated polymers.
  • The coatings are vinyl-free.
  • The coatings do not produce obnoxious gases when being burned or decomposed.
Treffert UV Lacquers are free of Halogenated Hydrocarbons, Heavy Metals, Herbicides, Pesticides, Formaldehyde, and any harmful emissions.

All of our bamboo flooring is made with ultra low VOC adhesives – Dynea which is a worldwide industrial adhesive manufacturer. Dynea is free of components classified as hazardous to the environment. There are no solvents, heavy metals, bactericides, or halogenated organic components.

When tested, our bamboo flooring emits an average of 0.02 ppm formaldehyde, which is significantly lower than the European E1 emission standard of 0.08 ppm formaldehyde off gassing. By using low VOC manufacturing adhesives, our bamboo flooring actively reduces the threat of interior pollution.
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