Got a question? Here are a few of our FAQs!

We always aim to be 100% transparent with all of our customers.

We believe in being totally transparent with all of our customers. I am sure you are thinking, I have heard this before but go ahead and try us.

On this page, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not on this list please click the button below and we will call you and answer it.

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How do I clean my bamboo floor? 

No harsh chemicals needed.

What to do:

  1. The best way to clean your floor is to mix ¼ cup white vinegar into a standard spray bottle filled with water and shake to mix the solution. Spray the liquid lightly onto a soft cloth lined mop attachment and clean floor.
  2. A good quality dust mop or vacuum head is the most effective tool for cleaning dust and dirt off of the floor. The cleaner head must be brush or felt
  3. Spills and tracked in dirt can be cleaned by dust mop or a lightly dampened mop. 
  4. Grease, tar or oil can be removed with a cloth that is dampened with light mineral spirits. This usually lifts lipstick, crayon and most rubber scuffs also.
  5. To clean a sticky mark it is safe to use a commercial hardwood cleaning product to spot clean the stubborn dirt. Use a soft clean cloth to rub.

What not to do:

  1. Avoid traditional wet soaked mop as the excess water could damage and stain the bamboo. Should an accidental spill occur, blot immediately with a soft clean cloth.
  2. Do not use Steel wool, scouring powder, abrasive cleaners or detergents on your bamboo flooring. 
  3. Do not wax, steam clean or polish your bamboo flooring.


How do I take care of my bamboo floor?

Beautiful bamboo floors to be proud of.

  1. It is recommended to place a non-abrasive rug or mat at the entrance to the room to collect sand, moisture and grit.
  2. To help guard against the possibility of scratches and dents, place protective pads under furniture legs and chairs.
  3. If your flooring is adjacent to an exterior door then place doormats outside at the entrance to keep dirt and grit from being tracked inside.
  4. Be sure to clean shoes on entry mats well.
  5. If scratches do occur, then a product called Rustin Scratch remover can be used to cover them up. If the scratches are very deep, a light sanding and re-sealing are advisable. If a sanding and resealing are ever needed, the best product to use is called Bono traffic water-based sealer. If you would like to purchase those products let us know.
  6. Make sure any carpets or mats placed on your floor are both colour-fast and non-scratch.
  7. Do not leave pot plants directly on your floor in case of water leakage. Always place a catchment tray underneath the pot plant.


Will my floor fade?

We have your floors UV protected.

Bamboo Warehouse flooring has UV protection in its pre-finish, however, it is still advisable to avoid excessive direct sunlight exposure to your floor, as colour changes may occur due to the natural sugars found in bamboo.

Therefore blinds and curtains are a good idea over windows especially if your windows face the heat of the sun.  

Tell me more about your flooring! 

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Will humidity & heat affect my stylish floor?

Your floors are just like you - if you feel the heat they do, open a window so you can cool off!

Strand woven bamboo flooring is a natural material that responds to changes in humidity. Just like you do, so if you’re feeling hot and sweaty in a room your floors feel the same way meaning it's time to open your windows or turn on your air con turned. If you're comfortable in your home your floors will feel comfortable.

What about underfloor heating - we hear you ask? We recommend a longer period of time for the bamboo to acclimatise before installation. This allows for the contraction of the planks to take place before the floor is laid and will limit the changes later on. The under-floor heating will need to be set at an average temperature while the planks are adjusting and accommodating for the lack of moisture in the air.


Will my beautiful floors scratch?

Bamboo Warehouse floors have 9 coatings for protection against scratching!

Having said that, taking some precautions to stop serious deep scratches would be ideal. We suggest:

  1. Use furniture pads on all furniture.
  2. Make sure all coasters and wheels are rubber.
  3. When moving furniture, make sure to either lift the furniture or slide it by using a soft, clean, dust-free blanket.
We always recommend installing our floors right at the end of any building project, as this minimises the chance of damage by contractors and builders.


Will my floor handle heavy weight and foot traffic?

Strand Woven flooring is one of the toughest and most durable you can get!

If your floor will have a large amount of foot traffic and/or the requirement to bear a lot of weight we strongly recommend selecting our Strand Woven flooring. It's incredibly strong, the Janka Hardness Test places it right up there with the hardest woods known to man. It's strong enough to stand up to the rigours associated with commercial environments, giving business owners the option of going green without sacrificing durability. Our flooring accommodates contraction and expansion in the bamboo by moving as a single unit, which means it handles weight very well.

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