Dear Bamboo Warehouse fans and inquirers,

As the founder of Bamboo Warehouse, I have always been acutely aware of the devastation of deforestation and the impact human beings have on our environment. You will often hear brands and businesses talk about the terms green living, sustainability, eco-friendliness and carbon footprint but what do those terms mean for us at Bamboo Warehouse?

Let me first and foremost state I am not a scientist or an expert on the climate and greenhouse gases. What I am, is a “citizen of the world” who loves the outdoors, nature and the notion that my kids will one day too, be able to enjoy the wonderful planet that we have been blessed with.

With this in mind, bamboo became my number one choice because it is an incredibly eco-friendly and sustainable resource. 

I would like to take a minute or two of your time, to explain what makes bamboo eco-friendly and sustainable. Most of us understand the idea of carbon emissions.We understand that carbon monoxide emitted by the exhaust of our very own car will kill you if you inhale enough of it. 


We understand that carbon dioxide is the very gas that we have to expel out of our lungs in order to breathe in fresh oxygen. Most of us know that there is a fine balance between all the gases in our fragile environment and that the carbons are at very dangerous levels at present. This has negative effects on our ozone layer which amongst others are reasons for the global warming, acid rain and so on.

What most of us don’t know is that Bamboo absorbs up to 5 times as much carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere than any other plants/trees through its life cycle. It is literally a natural sponge for carbon dioxide, helping radically in the reduction of the carbon footprint our modern lifestyles have created.

I was asked a question a while ago, by a property developer at a presentation that I gave, after giving them the above stats he stated: “well then by cutting the bamboo down to produce the flooring, you in effect stop this benefit!” The answer to this question has two main points namely: When the bamboo is harvested, it is cut about half a meter above the ground so:

A) The “sponge effect” continues.

B) The roots system is not ripped up thereby causing no erosion.

Thus: unlike wood, bamboo is harvested not killed. When you think of the devastation in the Amazon, for example, when you chop down a Brazilian walnut tree (Ipe) it dies, that is it, there is no regrowth. Whereas with bamboo the growth cycle is 5 - 7 years, a fraction of the cycle of trees.

What does sustainable mean? Well, for me it comes down to this simple question:

Is the current method of growing, harvesting and converting the bamboo into flooring/furniture boards and other wonderful bamboo products, something that could go on for the next thousand years without causing detrimental damage to our ecosystem?

The answer is a resounding yes. Oh and on that note, bamboo is not a tree, it's technically a grass and the species we use is not food for the pandas!

When it comes to being conscious about the environment and trying to reduce one's “carbon footprint” it very often comes with sacrifice and/or added cost. Think about it, when faced with choices between a free range chicken and a battery chicken, battery chicken is cheaper, the veggies sprayed with pesticides and other nasties are much cheaper than the organic option, the list goes on and on! Well with bamboo flooring, I am pleased to announce that this is in the reverse. You will find that it is far more cost-effective than the rare solid wood and another traditional hardwood flooring (please lets not even mention laminates as that are for another chapter all together!).

It is also no sacrifice because you will find that the feel, sound, look and smell of a bamboo floor will totally surpass your level of expectation and the fact that it has the added benefit of being eco-friendly and sustainable just makes it that much better!

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Everyone here at Bamboo Warehouse is an eco-warrior so please come in and chat with us about our eco-creds and initiatives.

Be well and most of all, go green, go bamboo!

Graeme Solomon founder Bamboo Warehouse

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