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The timeless elegance of Solid Vertical bamboo flooring is undeniable.

Classic, natural beauty.

In this day and age, we all strive to bring life back to its glorious natural beauty and the same goes for our floors. If you are looking for a floor that tells you the story of what it is made of then our Solid Vertical bamboo floors are perfect for you.

Amazingly these floors are incredibly strong scoring highly on the Janka scale, what this means is they are harder than Teak, Oak, Maple and Ash. That makes these floors really durable on top of being breathtakingly beautiful.

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Nothing beats classic beauty. 

Truly one of a kind floors that speak of their origins.

Believe it or not, our stunning Solid Vertical Bamboo floors are our most cost-effective range. These, one of a kind floors may be an amazing deal but what you really notice is their superior quality and stylish lines.

When you buy these one of a kind floors, we bring along our 'A' team of installers who will take care of every minute detail. They will completely transform your space, giving you a truly elegant timeless finish.

Like our Strand Woven Bamboo floors. this product can be used in a new build over a concrete slab or for a replacement of existing carpets or other flooring types. It can even be laid over tiles, no need to chop up and create a costly and inconvenient mess. If you have an old Oregon pine floor that needs to be replaced – no problem - we can lay over it/or replace it entirely.

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Your colour, your floors.

'Nature always wears the colours of the spirit.' Ralph Waldo Emerson

The colour palette strip below has the colour options for your Solid Vertical floors. 

Solid Vertical Range:

  • Option 1 - Raw. This is your unfinished raw look.
  • Option 2 - Natural. This gives you a beautiful classic look on your floors.
  • Option 3 - Carbonised. Natural bamboo that is taken through an additional heating process which caramelises the sugars in the bamboo, darkening the colours.
  • Option 4 - Flattened Bamboo. Your bamboo poles are flattened and cut to create this true to life natural bamboo flooring.

We are always creating new variations and some of our clients have multi-tonal floors where they mix and match colours so book an appointment for one of our bamboo experts to come see you with samples to answer all of your questions free of charge.

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