Not all bamboo is made equal and not all bamboo suppliers stand for the same standards of product integrity and authenticity.

The following are some important pointers when considering bamboo suppliers:


  1. Do they have a quality control manager on site in the bamboo forests and factory where the bamboo raw material is harvested?
  2. What may look like a similar sample of bamboo may not always be what it seems. Don’t judge a book by its cover – bamboo samples are not necessarily the same quality as what you ultimately buy and unfortunately, these differences only become apparent over time. So make sure you check the bamboo that is being delivered. 
  3. Do they have an in-house installation team? Make sure that they are not subcontractors as that takes away the control of your supplier to make sure that the job is done perfectly.
  4. Is the business owner on site, working with his/her team?
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It's important when looking for a supplier you read up on their past client's testimonials, you want to make sure they are trustworthy and are experts. In terms of their service offer, it should always include free samples, consultations and no-obligation quotes. They should have in-house installers (always make sure they actually do have them in-house and they're not sub-contractors) and they should have very strict quality control. Most of all make sure they can guarantee their workmanship. 

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Your bamboo floor consists of two equally important factors: 

A) The product B) The installation 

A poor installation can ruin even the best bamboo floors purchased. If you choose to go with a supplier who does not install or does not accept responsibility for the installation you run the risk of being in a position where the installer will blame the supplier for faulty material while the supplier will blame the installer for inferior installation and a never-ending fight will then ensue.

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How bamboo is managed, harvested and made into flooring impacts how ecologically sound the bamboo is. Always insist on seeing verification of standards employed in the bamboo farming. You will want to be on the look our for certifications from the World Wildlife Fund, CE and ISO.


Bamboo is graded according to the quality of the product. Always insist on A grade bamboo.


Always make sure that your bamboo floors have natural-base adhesives as this makes them safer for you and the environment. Unsustainable adhesives may contain the toxic substance formaldehyde, so be vigilant.

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