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Is Bamboo Flooring Really an Eco Friendly Option?

Sep 08, 2015

Kaz Millin


Going Green

Much has been made of how bamboo is the ideal eco alternative to timber products. All of which is 100% true. But the question has been asked ‘Just how eco friendly is the manufacturing process?’

It’s great to use a product that is sustainable and renewable but if the processes involved from harvesting the bamboo to producing the finished product don’t conform to eco friendly standards, it pretty much defeats the purpose.

Graeme Solomon, founder and Managing Director of Bamboo Warehouse, has just returned from a fact finding mission to the bamboo jungles of China to find the answers to that very question.

Let’s start with the bamboo jungles in China that we (Bamboo Warehouse) source our bamboo flooring, decking and other quality bamboo products from.


 The bamboo jungles are not plantations. Land has not been cleared of its natural vegetation to make way for bamboo farms. Bamboo is the natural vegetation and because each bamboo plant has one root system that keeps growing even when you harvest a bamboo pole, there is very little damage to the environment. And just in case you’re wondering, the bamboo used to make our eco friendly flooring, bamboo decking and other quality bamboo products, is not the kind that Panda’s like to eat.

The factories that process the bamboo into flooring, bamboo decking, countertops etc. are situated right in the bamboo jungles which means that transportation from the jungle to the factory is kept to a minimum. The factories are exceptionally clean and the processing machinery is powered mainly by steam that is generated from bamboo waste. Some electricity is used to operate the slicing machines that cut the bamboo poles into strips. Hydro electricity is used from surrounding rivers and streams so there are no pollutants being released into the air.

RIver-waterThe streams and rivers that the hydroelectric plant draw water from are so clean that you can swim in them and drink directly from them (as Graeme did). The towns and villages surrounding the bamboo forests and factories use the river water for both drinking and swimming.

As much as possible, every effort is made to ensure the manufacturing process of our quality bamboo products is as clean, green and environmentally friendly.

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