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We’re Seriously Committed to Eco Friendly

Sep 08, 2015

Kaz Millin


Going Green

Not all bamboo is created equal and it’s true to say not all bamboo factories use eco friendly manufacturing practices.

Rest assured, our bamboo is sourced from reputable manufacturers that ensure that the bamboo is harvested and processed using the most eco friendly practices with as little impact on the environment as absolutely possible. Here, we take a look at some of the eco friendly processing practices our bamboo manufacturers are using in China.


Steam power

Compression machines are a critical part of the bamboo manufacturing process that use the most power. The compression machines are powered by steam, a clean, green, energy source. Steam is generated by feeding the furnaces with the bamboo off cuts produced as the bamboo is cut and stripped, keeping waste to a minimum.


Burning hot

When bamboo is burnt, it burns extremely hot and very clean with minimal ash. Bamboo produces a non-toxic gas that is virtually invisible and environmentally safe. If you happen to visit the bamboo factories in China, there is not a chimney in sight and certainly no dirty, black smoke polluting the air.

Waste not

Even the sawdust created during the sanding process does not go to waste. The dust and sawdust is sucked up through big pipes and stored in large bags as the bamboo planks are being sanded on a conveyor belt. These bags of sawdust are then sold on to either manufacturers of composite bamboo decking or local entrepreneurs that reconstitute it into pellets to be used as fuel.


The production methods mentioned above are the reasons why we buy our quality bamboo products from a particular supplier in China. Sustainably sourced bamboo can only really be eco friendly if environmental sustainability and safety is at the heart of the manufacturing process.

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