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You dream it up - we make it.

We love making spaces beautiful using bamboo. Our range is so diverse, we have a large variety of styles, colours and types of bamboo to suit your needs. We can turn our high-quality bamboo into your new:

  • Floors
  • Decking
  • Fencing and Pergolas
  • Boards like kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, furniture, beds etc...
  • Or your own vision



Working together to create your vision.

We will meet you onsite at your home, property or building site. We will come armed with free samples so we can really begin the process of creating your vision. It's important to us that our clients feel that we fully understand what they want and our aim is to advise you on the wonders of bamboo and it’s limitless possibilities within your space. 

Our consultations are risk-free and come with a no-obligation quote.

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We have the 'A' team ready to come and install your bamboo.

We have our own in-house specialist installers, we do this so that we can make sure that every installation matches our incredibly high standards. The 'A' teams have many years of experience and training so we fully guarantee each job. We are more than happy to put our money where our mouths are!

Installation is an art, there are many factors to consider such as acclimatisation, subfloor preparation, underlayment and skirting. It's easy to spot a badly laid floor and it's also easy to admire a beautifully laid floor - we know which we would prefer!


Distribution and imports.

We have our quality assurance director on site checking each shipment before it leaves.

We have spent many years searching for the best source of bamboo. We have absolute quality control in the product, manufacturing processes and a continuous stable supply. Given our direct relationships, we are able to distribute our quality bamboo throughout the African continent.  

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Customer service.

We take immense pride in all our work and aim to make each customer a Bamboo Warehouse fan!

We believe strongly in building customer relationships which last long term. We focus on transparency, honesty, being ethical in our dealings and open communication. When you need us, we aim to be there so if you reach out through our website, calls, WhatsApp, email, social media or even morse code our 'A' team will be waiting!

We even have a button you can click and we'll call you back.

Call me!